Private In-home Training

With private in-home dog training, your puppy, adult dog or senior dog can learn to be a well mannered pet. Whether looking for basic obedience skills or needing help with a behavior problem, in-home training will bring the help right to you, where you need it most. We provide a specialized training program for both your dog and family’s individual needs. All training will directly relate to real world situations, and we will show you how your training sessions can easily be incorporated into everyday life. Call today for real solutions for you and your dog. The Best Dog Ever awaits!

Private Training: $85 per 1 hour in home session. Discounted multi-session training  packages available. 

Here are just some of the behaviors we can help with

  •            Manners and obedience
  •            House training/potty training
  •            Coming when called
  •            Puppy socialization
  •            Jumping up on you or guests
  •            Pulling on leash
  •            Counter surfing
  •            Chewing and destruction
  •             Resource guarding
  •             Aggression
  •             Dog reactivity 
  •             Separation anxiety
  •             Shyness or fears
  •             Other behavior problems

Group Classes

Group Classes are a fun and affordable way to learn new skills, brush up on skills, socialize your dog and work around distractions.  If you don't see a subject / class you are interested in let us know we will try to add it to the schedule. 

All Group classes are $150 for the session and require pre-registration 

Classes include:
Puppy Training and Socialization
Basic Manners
Beyond the Basics
Canine Good Citizen Preparation Classes CGC
Therapy Dog Test Preparation 



Therapy Dog Training

Does your dog love meeting new people?  Does he or she like going to new places?  Are people naturally drawn to pet your dog?  If you answered yes to any of these questions you and your dog may enjoy being a Therapy Dog Team.  Therapy Dogs visit in a variety of settings such as Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Veterans groups, Schools, Libraries, Colleges and any place where the comfort of a friendly dog is needed. 

You will love sharing your dog this way.  I trained my own dogs years ago to be Therapy Dogs and we began a wonderful journey visiting, hospitals, nursing homes and working with the developmentally disabled as a Therapy Dog Team. I began teaching and evaluating Therapy Dog Teams to help get more people and their dogs out there making visits and sharing their wonderful dogs.   

Therapy Dog Training is available as an in home service or at our Therapy Dog Preparation classes. 

Therapy Dogs are not Service Dogs or Emotional Support Animals.  


Separation Anxiety

Does your dog have separation anxiety?

He could if:

  • He starts to get anxious even before you leave? Whines, follows you around, pants and paces?
  • Howls or barks when alone.
  • Chews inappropriately or is destructive.
  • Breaks out of his crate or hurts himself trying to. 

Do you feeling guilty when you return to a stressed and panicked dog that  greets you as if he thought you were never coming back?

Separation Anxiety is a panic disorder  Your dog isn't angry with you for leaving or dominant she is scared. Plain and simple she is afraid to be alone. But you are not alone, we can start this journey together and step by step, little by little we will help your dog feel more comfortable alone.  

This part of your dog's life will be over. We will take his paw and promise him that he will never be alone longer than he can handle. We will be using technology to watch and make sure he is okay each step of the way. Until he is fine and no longer needs us to. 

How do we make this happen? Why is this method successful? 
We take the guess work out.  We support you every step of the way. 

We do this with: 
-individualized training plans updated daily
-weekly  video conference calls where we work the training plans together.
-Tips on management and the knowledge base of 50 Certified Separation Anxiety Trainers world wide. 

Don't wait! Schedule your free 30 minute phone consultation now.  

You have nothing to lose. You and your dog have so much to gain.

Working with video is more efficient and effective for you and your dog. Using video allows us to keep your dog calm and make the maximum progress. As a  Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer (CSAT) I will  guide you through the process.  It's easy, all you need is a computer, smartphone, table or webcam and we can get started. 

Don't wait! Schedule your free 30 minute phone consultation now.  

You have nothing to lose. You and your dog have so much to gain.


Loose Leash Walking Clinic and Group Walk 

We are offering an exciting new event for loose leash walking.

unday, August 20th, 2017 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM
2 hour event devoted to leash skills.  This will take place in beautiful

Bethpage State Park

Give It a Try
We will have front clip harnesses, Head Halters and Martingale collars to try out at the event in many sizes.  

 Using an options like the Freedom Harness, Easy Walk Harness or Head Halter will help you have better control over your dog while we teach leash walking skills like heel, watch me, and leave it.
We will fit the new tool on your dog at the event with an option to purchase it at a discounted price (no purchase required). 

We can help make walking your dog an enjoyable activity for both of you.  

Cost $30 per dog

Pre-registration required as space is very limited
Register now by filling out the form below.