Behavior Problems

Let’s help your dog be the best he can be! Whether your dog is showing fear, anxiety, possessiveness, or aggression, we can help. We start with a 90 minute in-home initial consultation and training session, where we will identify the problem, and design a personalized management and training plan. Behavior Modification training is individually designed to meet the needs of each dog and family. Services are usually provided either in-home or another location of your choosing.

Private Training: $100 per 1 hour in home session. Discounted multi-session training  packages available. 

Behavior Modification addresses issues such as:

• Reactive Behaviors (barking, lunging etc.) 

• Fears/Anxiety/Stress 

• Aggressive Behavior

• Resource Guarding / Possession Behavior

• Attention Seeking Behaviors 

• Destructive Behaviors 

• Confidence Building for Shy, Fearful or Anxious Dogs

• And Much More!